Our Work

Five Change Networks drive the work of Thrive Chicago.

The Change Networks are composed of organizations with subject matter expertise in a particular outcome, and are co-convened by public and community-based leaders. Each Change Network has a charter to guide its work and accomplishes targeted priorities through smaller work groups.

  • Enter Kindergarten Ready is prioritizing outreach to “hard to reach” families to help them take advantage of early childhood educational opportunities.
  • Engaged in Enrichment and Academic Activities is working to identify the children most in need of increased access to high quality extracurricular activities.
  • High School Graduation is focusing on re-engaging youth who are off track or have dropped out of school.
  • College Completion has prioritized retention and completion among students matriculating from Chicago Public Schools.
  • Employment at a Living Wage is working on behalf of young adults with law enforcement records, attempting to remove employment barriers for this group.

The diagram below illustrates the structure of Thrive and how the Change Networks fit into that structure. View or download a PDF of the Change Network diagram.

Change Networks