Engaged in Enrichment and Academic Activities


To engage children in academically integrated activities

This Change Network seeks to ensure that all children have access to high quality out-of-school time programs that are integrated with and build upon their academic activities. To achieve this, the group has developed targeted action plans to:

  • Broaden access to connected learning experiences for students most in need by educating school staff about services and expanding resources in underserved areas.
  • Identify and propagate best practice operating procedures for academic and enrichment programs through targeted capacity building and organizational development.

Engaged in Enrichment and Academic Activities is co-convened by the Hive Learning Network and the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Office of Student Support and Engagement.


Recent accomplishments of this Change Network

Surveyed community landscape

Completed a survey of 60+ community based organizations that operate out of school time programs to gather information that will inform future strategy development.

Adopting best practices

Created definitions of best practices to help provide a measure of program quality for after school programs. Held first training in June focusing on partnership between schools and CBOs.

Interviewed Principals

Interviewed principals and school staff who excel in creating partnerships with CBOs.



In the months ahead, this Change Network will:

  • Hold another training for CBOs based on best practices and expand available resources (online resource hub, peer-to-peer mentoring)
  • Finalize tool kit for principals which will help school staff learn how to add enrichment programs into budget, create an open environment for partnerships and understand the importance of enrichment programming
  • Act on the information provided in theĀ Middle Grades Report.



For more information or to become involved, please contact Kate Warach.